Nightmare Before Christmas Masterpiece Snowglobe


The Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Masterpiece Snowglobe is a distinctive presentation—a custom designed sculpted snowglobe that showcases the stunning magic, brilliant characters and warm heart this fine film has to offer.

The centerpiece of this impressive display is a fully sculpted scene, featuring Jack Skellington and his true love Sally front and center. Close by are Jack’s good-spirited pup Zero and the mean-spirited Oogie Boogie. Jack’s crooked house on a crooked hill illuminates from within. And inside a fully lighted snowglobe is the iconic image of Jack himself, framed by the harvest moon behind Spiral Hill, which illuminates at the touch of a switch. A special mechanism keeps a flurry of black glitter and flying bats in motion, while the strains of “This Is Halloween,” directly from the film’s original soundtrack, fill the air. A wood-tone base with a metal nameplate completes the one-of-a-kind presentation.

Measures about 7.25″ H x 7.75″ W