The True Meaning of Christmas Illuminated House Waterglobe


For the first time ever, a fully sculpted miniature house is the setting for a waterglobe featuring a unique 3D scene of Santa in his workshop. You’ll enjoy how the built-in lights illuminate all the exceptional sculpted touches, with thoughtful hand-painting that enhances the quality craftsmanship.

No detail has gone overlooked. The cozy red and white workshop is topped with glittering “snow” and complete with a picket fence, classic sconces by the door, and a cheerful striped awning accented with the title of this exceptional holiday work of art. Inside the waterglobe is a bow-bedecked garland on the mantle and a sack stuffed with toys … right next to Santa’s list with the names of all the good little girls and boys! Most important of all is the miniature creche and Holy Family, delicately re-created with the look of hand-carved wood, down to the grain. Of course they are front-and-center in this remarkable tableau as a reminder of what matters most at Christmastime. After all, Santa knows!

A flip of a switch is all it takes to send “snowflakes” and bright glitter swirling around the scene of Santa at work in his wonderfully decorated shop, lending a touch of magic to the festive display. Because this waterglobe is designed with a built-in circulator switch that sets the “snow” in motion, the “flakes” will swirl around the scene as long as you wish!

Strategically placed to illuminate the devout scene of Santa concentrating on his special task, the lights accentuate the perpetual movement of the glistening “snowflakes.” The melodies of timeless holiday songs play along as the “snow” tumbles and turns, making this house waterglobe a special masterpiece to enjoy night and day throughout the Christmas season.

Measures 10.25 inches tall.