So Many Curses So Little Time


This Bradford Exchange first starts with hand-sculpted, meticulously hand-painted sculpture showcasing Disney’s Maleficent in mid-curse, her pet raven, and her trusty goons. Every distinctive costume and character detail is there, from her horned headpiece, flame-sleeved robe, and scepter to her acid green complexion. And look! There’s her evil dragon incarnation, captured in hand-painted, full-colour detail inside the glass globe that swirls with magical glitter and plays music from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Just turn out the lights to see the dramatic glow-in-the-dark feature on the flames surrounding the characters and shooting out of the dragon’s mouth and eyes. Never was a special effect better paired with its subject! Whether in the dark or the light of day, this glitter globe is sure to cast a spell of enchantment on Disney fans!

Plays a melody from the movie.

Measures about 7½” H x 7¾” W x 6½” D.