One of the most powerful, most mystical goddesses of ancient Egypt was Bastet, who served as protector of the pharaoh and was highly revered for her cat-like prowess, sharp wit and keen reflexes. She was once worshipped as the goddess of protection and plentiful blessings. Now, this golden majestic deity inspires a bejeweled debut by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen: the Sparkling Egyptian Feline of the Nile Sculpture, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. This ancient Egyptian art-inspired sculpture is a mighty purr-tector that\’s sure to turn heads no matter where you place it.

Dramatic from the top of her elegantly pointed ears to the bottom of her purr-fectly pampered paws, this nearly 8 inch tall majestic cat sculpture is expertly crafted and painted by hand. Her shimmering metallic golden \”coat\” steals the show along with her brilliantly hued necklace and paw cuffs and magnificent wings. Adding even more allure, this fierce feline is embellished with 10 shimmering Swarovski® crystals throughout – each one precision-cut for optimal brilliance and individually set by hand. Plus, hand-applied glittery accents help give this regal golden feline an even more radiant glow.

Measures 7.75\” H; 19.7 cm H