Elvis Burning Love Glitter Globe

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Fans the world over agree that Elvis was the ultimate showman. His signature moves and dance style—considered scandalous by 1950s standards—flamboyant show costumes, and dazzling stage presence forever raised the bar in live entertainment. Of course, his voice was incomparable, a unique sound that brought fans the perfect storm of innate, uncanny talent, raw emotion, and uniquely fused musical influences. When Elvis let loose with a song like “Burning Love,” crowds went wild.

Now the show continues with a sparkling tribute you’ll have to see and hear to believe: the Elvis: Burning Love Musical Glitter Globe from The Bradford Exchange. This dramatic glitter globe actually plays Elvis singing “Burning Love,” one of his hit singles, in his own voice! It’s a showcase of stage-worthy features that pays homage to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll™. Jewels, glitter, gold, and iconic artwork all come together in this one-of-a-kind Elvis glitter globe. Best of all, you’ll get all shook up when you shake this impressive Elvis memento.

Measures about 6″ H