Disney Together We Are Happy Campers


Phew! After some comical, cross-country misadventures with Disney Donald Duck and Disney Goofy in the 1938 animated short, “Mickey’s Trailer”, Mickey is ready for a little rest and relaxation. So he’s loading up his trusty trailer and rolling out again. But, this time, he’s taking his favourite gal pal Minnie Mouse on a cozy road trip for two!

“Together We Are Happy Campers” is an exclusive sculpted Disney keepsake only from Hamilton! Working from original Disney artwork, Hamilton’s artists craft and paint this cozy camping scene entirely by hand. From Minnie’s iconic polka-dotted dress and Mickey’s irresistible grin … to the colourful flames of a roaring fire and a sculpted log perfectly sized for snuggling, every detail absolutely delights. And true Disney fans will instantly recognize that trailer parked behind the fully sculpted duo — it looks like it just rolled out of the “Mickey’s Trailer” animated short!

Measures approx. 6” high x 101/2” wide x 4” deep.