Bahamut Dragon

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According to many world mythologies, the legendary Bahamut (also known as “Behemoth”) has assumed many physical forms. The ancient dragon Bahamut is the dragon god of justice, to whom all good dragons pay homage for his wisdom and power. Urging his followers to do good, Bahamut sternly disapproves evil acts, advising his followers to be compassionate and to aid the downtrodden. Quick to anger, Bahamut is swift to punish those who defy him and create chaos.

Now you can join the dragon god’s inner circle with “Bahamut,” Premiere Edition in the new Mystic Legends Illuminated Dragon Collection from The Bradford Exchange. A masterpiece of individual hand-crafting, hand-painting, and awe-inspiring detail, “Bahamut” comes to you as a spectacular wall-mounted bust on a handsome shield to bring his power and presence to any room! Rendered in his signature blue colour, “Bahamut” glows with magical blue light from within his mouth and down his spine, indicating his fiery power. This truly magnificent sculpture captures Bahamut’s traditional cat eyes, fearsome horns, teeth, and scales.

Measures 9 in. H. x 4½ in. W. Arrives ready to hang.