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Lampe Berger Lamps assorted

Lampe Berger

The Lampe Berger Air Purifiers have always been to take care of indoor air quality. Founded in 1898 to control the bacterial proliferation in hospitals, Lampe Berger is still dedicated to improving your indoor atmosphere. To this day, Lampe Berger continues to meet your needs in providing you with purer air at home. It destroys 68% of airborne bacteria, germs and moulds, eliminates unpleasant odours and subtly perfumes your surroundings.

These Air Purifiers truly destroy the unpleasant smells, while, at the same time diffusing delicate indoor fragrances. Explore the scents of adventure with the Orient, Flowers, Freshness, Fruits, Pure Dreams, and Spices.

Now introducing 3 New fragrances “Lemon Bubbles, Chocolate Sweetness, Harvest Season". Add a beautiful coloured Lamp to your home, Kay's Place has many colours and shapes to choose from.