Warm Up Your Walls for the Holidays with Framed Artwork

When it is time to deck the halls again, your thoughts may naturally drift to boughs of holly and putting up some twinkling strings of lights, but the best way to warm up your walls for the holidays is with framed artwork specific to the season.

Holiday Portraits

Whether you’re just starting your family or they are grown and you want to start a tradition with extended family and grandchildren, one fun way to decorate for the holidays is to take a winter family photo every year, have it framed with the same type of frame and hang them all up each year when you add your other holiday décor.

Imagine how this will pay off five years and ten years down the road as you have a beautiful collection of the family growing over the years, all set against a holiday backdrop. This can also become a fun tradition as the family takes the holiday photo each year or possibly even takes the photo in front of the same evergreen tree, which will also grow over time.

Santa Claus Decks the Halls with His Presence

Santa Claus is a fun figure to frame and place around your house to add some holiday warmth. If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas or believe in Santa, you could also choose evergreens, snowy landscapes, a menorah, or any other object that has meaning to you personally at this time of year.

If you find a statue of the item, have it placed into a shadow box. A painting can be framed.

The key is to stick with the same color scheme for all the frames so that they tie together throughout your home. A simple black frame with a gold bow tied to the corner adds a festive touch. Stick with a neutral color as your wall colors may change throughout the years.

Gold Frames and Red Bows

Another idea is to have all of your wall hangings framed with gold frames. When Christmas rolls around, you simply add red velvet bows to all the frames. You can add small bows, large bows, velvet ribbons across one corner and so on.

The bows will add a festive touch. Using this method means that throughout the year you’ll want to have everything framed in gold, or at least the items you intend to beribbon. When the holidays roll around, all you’ll need to do is purchase plenty of ribbon and get to decorating.

When you’re ready to warm up your walls for the holidays with framed artwork, come visit us at Kay’s Place and we’ll help you choose the best colors and styles for your home.