The Perfect Gifts For A Christening This Spring For A Newborn Baby

A christening is a special moment for a new family, a time for their family and friends to come together and celebrate this new life. When considering what gift to bring, skip the toys and clothing in favour of something the family can treasure forever.

Personalized Stats

If you know the child’s birth stats, a personalized print containing that information – date and time of birth, height, weight, etc – or the date and location of the christening, with a custom frame (, is a beautiful way to commemorate their new addition.

Handmade Keepsakes


Keep the tradition or create a new one by giving a handmade gifts or heirloom that has been and will continue to be passed from generation to generation. A blanket in white, blue, or pink is always welcome, as they’re a perfect weight for the season. Here is an easy tutorial for a simple yet timely crochet lace blanket ( Alternatively, light weight bamboo or cotton blankets in beautiful patterns are great for swaddling and last for ages.


Sweet Photo Frames


If there is one thing new parents can’t resist, it’s photos of their children. A sweet picture frame will give them more reason to display their precious memories for all their guests to see.


Silver Cutlery


A longstanding British tradition, by gifting a newborn with silver – like a cutlery set, keepsake tin, or other trinket – you are wishing him or her a life of both wealth and good health.


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