The Perfect Gift For A Springtime Wedding

Spring weddings are full of joy for any happy couple – love in the air, gentle breezes through your hair, and a promise of a life full of happiness and laughter.

You can help the happy couple start their union off in style with a gift that keeps on giving (while they keep on entertaining) – – these are our favourite gifts for a springtime wedding:

Though the technology has been used for decades by health care professionals, from the beautifully sculpted designs of Lampe Berger air purifiers one would never know it. A welcomed gift in any household, Lampe Berger vessels and scents are really a perfect present for a wedding, year round!

There is something about this light, airy season that just begs for an old fashioned tea party. A beautiful China tea set, replete with delicate cups and saucers, can become a wonderful treasure the family can enjoy and pass down through the generations. This is also your chance to be a little creative – thrift stores and garage sales are ripe with gorgeous second hand pieces, perfect for compiling into a unique, one of a kind set.

A young bride should be able to fill her new home with the fresh cut flowers of the season – help her display her blooms with a stylish vase.

Chances are the lovely couple invested a lot in the right photographer to capture their special day – you can help them make the most of their portrait by offering a certificate for a custom frame. The team at Kay’s Place can offer expert advice on framing and care so their first photo together as man and wife will always be as beautiful and pristine as the day it was taken. For more information on custom frames and to book a consultation, visit us online at