The Best Spring Scents For Your Lampe Berger

Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be happier, even if said air is still chilly and heavy with snow. You might not be able to break open those windows to let the sunshine in, but you can definitely bring the aroma of spring into your home with these wonderfully fragrant Lampe Berger scents  – our favorite of the season!

Fresh Linen

Is there anything more “spring” than the scent of fresh laundry that’s been dried on the line? Infused with the aroma of sunshine and breeze, “Fresh Linen” adds the gentle aroma of pureness and freshness to your home.

Lemon Bubbles

A welcome pick-me-up after that long heavy winter, “Lemon Bubbles” is zesty and sparkling, like a cold glass of homemade lemonade! Lemony notes combine with a floral heart for a refreshing burst of fragrance that breathes warmth and energy into any room.

Fruit Melody

Juicy and delicious, “Fruit Melody” is the light, crisp and smooth fragrance that moves seamlessly into summer. Delicate rose and jasmine is enhanced by the velvety freshness of of ripe peaches, all underscored by the comforting sweetness of Sandalwood and vanilla.