Spotlight: The Wildlife You’ll Find At Kay’s Place

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just a little something to say thank you, the collection of wild life themed gift ware at Kay’s Place is perfect for any occasion.

Everyone loves a good dinner party. Our cute owl and fox themed serving dishes are perfectly suited for a large gathering or a small get together.

A beautifully detailed owl figurine or the porcelain polar bear mother and cub make a wonderful addition to any curio collection. Dolphins, wolves, and hummingbirds etched into iceberg glass shapes mounted on a light box shine in a variety of changing colours when lit from below.

Even we love these detailed sculptures of eagles, wolves, or bears carved inside of moose antlers channel the rustic beauty of the Canadian wilderness.

Equestrian enthusiasts will truly appreciate these fine art prints of horses by Paul Van Ginkel and Lisa Dearing.