Spotlight: The Artists You Can Find Inside Kay’s Place Art Gallery!

From fine photography to detailed prints, the gallery at Kay’s Place features an impressive range of work perfect for any gallery wall or gift. Here, we take a brief look at a few of the artists who grace our walls…

Angelina Wrona (

Characterized by their large eyes, the angelic yet haunting subjects of Angelina Wrona’s work are as alluring as they are creepy. Edgy, twisted, mysterious, and effortlessly captivating, Wrona has developed a dedicated following, and her work has earned her international recognition since she hit the scene in 2003.

A lifelong fashionista, Wrona launched her clothing line in conjunction LA-based Anarchy Gallery in 2013. The Rabid collection features chic pieces in luxe fabrics, paired equally as well with pearls as with motorcycle boots.

Doug Laird (

Originally hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Doug Laird’s finely detailed painted land- and cityscapes are heavily influenced by his travels through Europe and North America.

From an early age, Laird showed an interest in art, starting his career at 15 when he apprenticed with an advertising agency/art studio in his hometown. A master of most mediums, his realistic imagery is heart warming and nostalgic.

David Ward (

With an eye for space and form that is nearly unparalleled, David Ward’s award winning landscape photography has made him one of Britain’s national treasures.

Ward’s approach to photography, in his own words, “[evokes] emotional responses from anonymous places.” With a specific goal in mind, Ward aims to connect with his subject, rather than simply take a picture, an approach that he hopes continues to bring out his ability to see the world with the wonder of a child.