Our Favourite Lampe Berger Scents For Fall

Kay's Place - Our Favourite Lampe Berger Fall Fragrances

Fall is a time of bold, bright colour and warm, comforting aromas that wrap around you like a favourite blanket on a cool night.

For decades, health care professionals and homeowners alike have turned to Lampe Berger products to improve indoor air quality. In addition to destroying unpleasant odours, each unit can destroy up to 68% of the airborne bacteria, germs and moulds that linger in your home that can contribute to breathing complications and chronic illness, all while subtly perfuming your home with your favourite scents.

Pumpkin spice, baking apples, cinnamon and more, bring the scents of the season into your home with our favourite Lampe Berger fragrances:

When we think fall, memories of Thanksgiving feasts come close to mind – tables spread with our favourite foods, surrounded with family and friends. What better way to recall the good times than with the delightfully food-centric Sweet Pear and Vanilla Gourmet?

Sweet Pear
This sweetly delicious pear fragrance is enhanced by vanilla and cinnamon. It’s so mouthwatering you’ll be looking for the ice cream!

Vanilla Gourmet
Year round, the sweetly pungent scent of vanilla is comforting and inviting. The Lampe Berger cocktail of delicious notes blends the freshly cut aroma of a bourbon vanilla bean pod with the sweetness and softness of run and star anise, along with just a hint of chocolate and almond.

As the weather slowly changes, the heady heat of summer dissipates, and cool autumn breezes offer a hint of the cold winter to come. Warm up your home and your heart with the musky, spicy aromas of Amber Powder, Winterwood, or Amber Elegance.

Amber Powder
Musky and sensual, Amber Powder blooms with the subtly of a rose, opens up into lily of the vally and vanilla, and finishes with a delightfully crisp touch of amber and patchouli.

The magic of our favourite autumn spices blend seamlessly with the this woody oil as though heated by the sun.

Amber Elegance
A newcomer to the Lampe Berger collection, Amber Elegance is a modern amber-based fragrance, that combines the spicy, iridescent notes with lighter hints of citrus and anise, offering a vintage, yet modern, sophisticated and refined palette – an instant classic and a definite must have!