Modern Frames – Know Your Options

Mounting photos and framing them well gives many more display options than simply using basic frames. You can have your photos mounted professionally, or you can also try doing them yourself. Either way, you can extend your creativity into the display of your photos by trying different frames, mats, and combinations to see how they affect the feeling of your photos when displayed.

One of the benefits of properly mounting (attaching photo to a setting or backing) is that you can trade out old pictures for new ones more easily. By this, you can update frames to match new decorations in a room, or switch a photo to a more appropriate frame should you display it in a new location. The frame is a big part of the look of the finished artwork, so proper consideration to the style of frame and the material you want to use for your photos should be given.

Thanks to our innovative generation, we now have more frames to consider as options. Take a look at some of them:


Canvas Floater Frames

Canvas floater frames are an interesting style of frame for canvas prints. This is where the photo appears to “float” inside the frame without the two actually touching each other. No matting is used, and the entire surface of the canvas is visible. These frames have a subtle three-dimensional element which gives a touch of visual interest while keeping the main focus on your artwork or photo.

Metal Frames

Metal provides a clean, sharp look for your photo display. Metal frames have the tendency to be narrower than wooden ones because of the strength of the material. If you want a minimalist of modern look, the metal frame is such a good choice.

Wooden Frames

A wooden picture frame has always been a classic choice. This type of frame offers a great variety of different looks – from clean modern lines to intricately textured borders. You can always choose the best style that would go with the design of your house.


Mounting and framing pictures well is an art in and of itself – it’s up to you how you can complement your photos or artwork. Knowing your options and learning the basics will give you more freedom and control over the display of your photos, allowing you to show off your best work in beautiful and eye-pleasing ways.


You can also have your custom frames done here: