Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

With the holidays over but the cold weather still around, it’s easy to let winter take its toll on you. When the temperature gets too cold outside, it’s time to warm up inside your very own home. Take a look at these home decorating ideas to cozy up the rooms of your house!

Dining Room

Cast a soft glow by turning off the overhead lights and using lots of candles of varying heights to give an appealing flicker that flatters everyone – and everything – at the table. For your meals, serve them on different plates that you love. You might also want to put a velvet runner across the table and use solid cotton place mats for that additional comfortable effect. If you are planning to have your walls painted, go for deep and rich colours.

Living Room

Light up a fire! If you have no chimney, then that won’t be a problem. Use bigger candles and put them in one corner – make sure no curtains or other flammable materials are near your candles. You might also want to change your rugs with wool ones. If you have sheepskin around, you might also use that for extra cushioning underfoot. To make it more comfortable for your family or guests, toss a variety of throw cushions on the sofas, chairs and even the floor!


Turn your bedroom into a place of peaceful retreat by layering your bed, just how you layer your clothes when going outside. Use your favourite comforter or duvet and don’t go easy on decorative pillows. For your lights, choose opaque lamps over white or ivory. You can try to go really dark – using black, navy and chocolate shades for the interiors of your lamps to cast that dark glow. It’s also nice to work, write, watch TV or read a book under the covers so make sure you have an upholstered headboard that gives your back additional padding. Don’t forget to add more decorations to your bedroom to give it that personal touch.

Cozy Nooks

If you have window seats anywhere around the house, don’t forget to make that as comfortable as you would. Let it be your reading corner while you enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee or chocolate. Put your favourite duvet and throw pillows on that corner and enjoy!

Additional Perks

If you are having guests over this winter, surprise them by providing comfortable bedroom slippers or faux fur booties when they get to your home. Don’t forget to hang your towels on a towel rack to not have that chilly feel when you hop out of the shower. Floor runners are also important to not have your feet freeze when you stop on the kitchen tiles first thing in the morning. Lastly, smell plays a major role in creating a cozy atmosphere. Try winter home scent collections available in candles and room sprays, among others.