How to Decorate Your Home In 2016

how to decorate your home in 2016 -

Out with the old and in with the new… design ideas, that is! As we prepare to bid farewell to another wonderful year, we look forward to 2016 and the future with bright eyes and open minds. While, style-wise, there’s a lot to look forward to in the following months, we cherry picked a few of our favourite design trends for 2016 to share with you before the ball drops.

Let Nature In
Across the board, homeowners are rediscovering their love of the outdoors, and a major trend for 2015 that continues into 2016 is to bring the outdoors in. While some are able to create a dynamic flow between their outdoor and indoor living spaces, those who can’t or aren’t interested in adding sliding glass or french doors from the living room, dining room or kitchen onto the patio or backyard can rely on smart decorating to do the trick. Look for multi-purpose furniture that can be used both in and out of doors. Accessories and decor made of natural materials are high on the list, and the more plant life you can incorporate into your design, the better!

A little bit can go a long way, and one of our wild life figures is a perfect addition to a side board or table display.

Texture Adds Interest
Though faux fur throw pillows and chunky wool blankets are usually the domain of the holiday season, your favourite fall / winter decorating tips get lightened up for year round use in fabrics like suede and brushed velvet, metal grommets and touchable textiles add depth and interest to every space.

Flower Power
In upholstery, art and more, floral patterns, including all those dark and dreamy, are back in a big way. If you can commit to it, paper a room (or single statement wall) in a dramatic floral pattern.

Upgrading your interior design is as simple as updating your art collection. Bold floral prints are an easy way to try the floral trend without the hassle. Visit our gallery to view our selection of timeless floral art prints.

Bold Colour Play
While Benjamin Moore has already listed “Simply White” as their colour of the year for 2016, those who love colour can rest assured that 2016 is not for wall flowers. Behr’s colour palette is fresh and bright, full of juicy colour inspiration, and Pantone’s selection of multi-cultural hues will leave you wishing you had more rooms to transform.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
Today, more than before, there is a strong desire to use and incorporate elements and materials that are gentle on the environment. From the padding in furniture to the wood and materials sourced for flooring and counter tops, homeowners are looking for ways to reuse, reduce, reinvent, and recycle.

Which of these trends will grace your home in 2016? Kay’s Place in Oshawa can help you choose items to decorate your home in 2016 that will make any room look fresh and modern. We have a full art gallery with many modern pieces. Or, if you prefer a more traditional look, forget the trends and choose what most appeals to you and your own personal sense of style. Some items are simply timeless.