Dinner’s Ready! 5 Tips To The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

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Gathering family and friends around the table for Thanksgiving is the best way to celebrate the occasion, and whether this is your first stab at the tradition or you’re an old hand at hosting the fam for a great big turkey meal, these tips will ensure your table looks grand for this year’s Thanksgiving feast!

Eat Your Colours & Let Them Shine
When decorating your table for Thanksgiving, you may find your first design instinct is to draw from the colours of the season – after all the leaves turning those stunning shades of red and gold would look dynamite against a backdrop of your meal but those colours are mimicked in the meal you’ll set out – the fiery oranges and yellows of sweet potato and squash, crimson red of cranberry sauce, deep greens of spinach and beans, the earthy brown of that moist, succulent turkey.

Set your feast against an elegant backdrop of neutral colours so it really stands out. Imagine your spread against ecru or white? Those dishes will really pop!

Editor’s Note: It’s so tempting to be precious with our light coloured tableware, but don’t let those errant red wine, cranberry or gravy stains set your heart a flutter. Little drips and dabs can be dealt with at a later time, but for those monster stains that threaten to ruin the evening, keep a stain-removal kit close at hand!

Have A Little Fun
Though we think your food should take centre stage at your Thanksgiving gathering, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your set up! Add a touch of whimsy to keep the evening light. We’re huge fans of adorable, and these animal serving dishes and salt & pepper shaker sets are too cute to pass up!

Bring The Outdoors In
No table is complete without a hint of the season – a rustic leaf wreath, decorative gourds, even berries, acorns and pine cones are all simple ways to bring nature to your table. You don’t want to overwhelm your table top, though, keeping it simple is key. Try an artfully centre piece with fall’s favourite produce or a tasteful arrangement in a timeless vase of the season’s most beautiful flowers.

Get Glamourous
Thanksgiving themes are rustic and homey, but a touch of glitz and glamour might be the one thing your table is missing. It’s really the little things, like gold-dusted acorns or white pumpkins sprinkled with glitter, that add elegance and a touch of understated class and make your table setting shine.

Light Your Candles
Does anything set the mood faster and more completely than candle light? Turn off the harsh overheads and break out those sophisticated pillar candles you’ve had stored in the closet or cupboard for ages – nothing else will replace the gentle flicker and add texture and warmth the table better.