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Our Favourite Lampe Berger Scents For Fall

Kay's Place - Our Favourite Lampe Berger Fall Fragrances

Fall is a time of bold, bright colour and warm, comforting aromas that wrap around you like a favourite blanket on a cool night. For decades, health care professionals and homeowners alike have turned to Lampe Berger products to improve indoor air quality. In addition to destroying unpleasant odours, each unit can destroy up to … Read More

The Best Spring Scents For Your Lampe Berger

Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be happier, even if said air is still chilly and heavy with snow. You might not be able to break open those windows to let the sunshine in, but you can definitely bring the aroma of spring into your home with these wonderfully fragrant Lampe Berger scents  – our … Read More

Finding Your Favorite Lampe Berger Scent

Once you enter the world of catalytic fragrance lamps, one of the most exciting adventures is finding your favorite Lampe Berger scent. Not only does Lampe Berger offer a wide variety of scents to meet any taste, you can also combine those fragrances to come up with unique combinations all your own. Remove Odors and … Read More