Artwork: Considerations When Giving as a Gift

Art, as they say, is a timeless gift to give to a loved one. If you are an art-lover, you probably have seen too many pieces of art that you thought would make someone happy if he or she gets to have it, or maybe you thought that a certain piece would be perfect for someone’s house and so on. However, not all people can appreciate the beauty of art. Make sure that your recipient is someone who really loves the arts.


If you are thinking of giving artwork as a gift this coming Valentine’s Day – or for any occasion – here are some tips to keep in mind:


It’s about them, not you.

When buying something for someone, it’s so easy to be drawn to items that appear attractive TO US and not to the recipient. Just keep in mind that you are buying a present for someone else, and that someone else should be able to find your gift appealing.


Keep it small.

When it’s your first time to get someone a piece of art as a gift, it’s better to not overdo it. Avoid giving oversized artworks. First of all, your recipient might find it difficult to look for a place to hang your artwork up. If you start with small ones, it would be easier for your recipient to put it up on a shelf, or a bedside table. You should also consider the fact that your recipient might not be too ecstatic with your choice, so avoid getting an artwork on a larger scale.


Stay away from themed artworks.

If you are giving an artwork as a present this Valentine’s Day, don’t limit yourself to just buying a piece that has something to do with love, couples or Cupid. Since you are giving it to someone special, try thinking outside the box. You can surprise your loved one with a beautiful landscape or waterscape to bring more beauty to that person’s living room or bedroom.


Consider the framing and mounting expenses.

If you are giving it to someone you’re not living with, make sure that you also consider the time and effort your recipient needs to give when framing and mounting your present. It’s best to know the dimensions of the artwork first, and later on, you can let your recipient know the figures just in case he or she might want to get a new frame or transfer it from one location to another.