Monthly Archives: January 2016

Modern Frames – Know Your Options

Mounting photos and framing them well gives many more display options than simply using basic frames. You can have your photos mounted professionally, or you can also try doing them yourself. Either way, you can extend your creativity into the display of your photos by trying different frames, mats, and combinations to see how they … Read More

The Importance of Framing Photos

Memories are preserved through pictures and the frames, well, they preserve the pictures. A frame preserves a photo in a sense that looking back at a frame 30 years from now, you would still feel the same emotions you had when you first framed that photo. It gives you a great sense of nostalgia and … Read More

Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

With the holidays over but the cold weather still around, it’s easy to let winter take its toll on you. When the temperature gets too cold outside, it’s time to warm up inside your very own home. Take a look at these home decorating ideas to cozy up the rooms of your house! Dining Room … Read More