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Our Top Ideas For Decorating For Fall

Kay's Place Art & Gifts - Fall Decorating Tips

Fall is one of our favourite seasons for a good reason – the cooler weather offers a bit of relief from the heat of the summer, and only hints at what’s in-store for the winter ahead. The leaves change in a vibrant display of bright colours, and our favourite spicy flavours once again start taking … Read More

5 Things To Consider When Ordering A Custom Frame

Kay's Place - 5 Reasons To Custom Frame

A family photo, a vintage movie poster, your child’s first painting or a valuable piece of fine art – whatever the item, choosing to preserve it with a custom frame will not only add value, but keep your art and photos looking beautiful for years to come. Though it’s not necessary to go the custom … Read More

Our Favourite Lampe Berger Scents For Fall

Kay's Place - Our Favourite Lampe Berger Fall Fragrances

Fall is a time of bold, bright colour and warm, comforting aromas that wrap around you like a favourite blanket on a cool night. For decades, health care professionals and homeowners alike have turned to Lampe Berger products to improve indoor air quality. In addition to destroying unpleasant odours, each unit can destroy up to … Read More