The Top Summer Home Décor Trends

Is your space in desperate need of a bright and cheery make over? You’re in luck. Chic, classic and clean, the summer trends for home decor this year are simple, and super easy to pull off. Take a look below at a few of our favorites, and see how you can incorporate them into your home and existing style.
Rustic Nature
Every season benefits from a little natural inspiration, but 2015 gets a boost from the romantic textural pairings of raw, rough wood, classic hanging plants (think ivy and fern), and calming sea motifs like shells and corals. If you can’t commit to curios and figurines, hanging framed wildlife photography or artwork is a simple, cost-effective way of bringing nature into the home without adding bulk to your shelves and surfaces.
Warm Colors
Summer is synonymous color, and interior design takes inspiration from the streets, where soft color and warm brights tones are back with a vengeance. Freshen up your space with pops of bright color by adding funky accessories, like throw pillows, blankets and vases, or overhaul the whole room with a new coat of paint in a juicy summer hue.
Bold Patterns
One of the fastest ways to banish boring from your home is by adding boldly patterned fabrics and textiles inspired by the warmer climates. Whether black and white or featuring tons of color, African, Aztec, Indian and Caribbean inspired patterns bring warmth and depth to any room. A fun way to add color to your space is a funky, textural wall hanging, or by framing a section of a favorite fabric and including it in your gallery wall.