Spotlight: Items We Frame At Kay’s Place

No matter the shape or size, everyone has an item, a certificate, a photo, even a curio – that we hope to treasure forever, and at Kay’s Place, we custom frame those priceless possessions for you and your loved ones to enjoy time and time again.
Art, Photography & Posters
The benefits of framing art, photography and posters are two-fold. The right frame can enhance the look of your piece, while adding to its value. In addition, the products and processes used protect delicate materials from the elements, helping to maintain the quality and extend the life of the image.

Sow your pride in your achievement by framing your certificates. Modern or ornate, our team of professional framers can help you pick the perfect style to display certification for the world to appreciate.

Some records were meant for playing, but some are meant for displaying. Show off the highlight of your collection with a beautiful frame that will protect your investment, and allow you to display it for everyone to enjoy.
Pins & Medals
Whether sentimental or just for the fun of it, at Kay’s Place we can find the perfect frame to display your collection of medals and pins.
Everything else…
Art, photography, needlepoint, a favorite quote – if you name it, we can frame it. With over 20 years of experience in offering custom framing services to the Oshawa area, at Kay’s Place we take great pride in taking the best of care with your most valuable memories and possessions. Contact Kay’s Place to see how we can frame your art and memories today!